July 18th, 2022: 
Fuel Prices Easing

Good News !.... We are beginning to see a decline in Fuel Prices.

May 27th, 2022: 
Moving to New Terminal

It has been 3 years since we left our old terminal and now the new terminal is finally ready. As of Sunday May 29 2022, all flights be through the new terminal.

April 2nd, 2022: 
Fuel Surcharges

Rising Fuel Costs and Surcharges

August 13th, 2020: 
Wilderness Seaplanes Check In Questionnaire - Revised AUG 13

All passengers are required to complete one of these Questionnaires and comply with the regulations and requirements according to Transport Canada. We now are asking for the best method to contact you. Revised AUG 13 2020

August 12th, 2020: 
Transport Canada COVID Travel Information AUG 13

Transport Canada has made further adjustments as of AUG 7 for travel by air. This is the full document issued AUG 13 2020