Wilderness Seaplanes knows your cargo is important to you. Whether you are shipping an envelope, or need an entire plane chartered, we can offer competitive rates to deliver your cargo to any of our scheduled destinations, or by charter to any location. We offer freezer and cooler space for perishable cargo. We also have cargo partnerships with Pacific Coastal Airlines, WestJet, Air North, Alaska Airlines, and Cargojet to connect shipments throughout North America.
Current cargo office hours
8:00am - 5:30pm (17:30) Sunday to Friday
8:00am - 5:00 pm (17:00) Saturday
Cargo Seat
To guarantee your cargo on our scheduled flights, we encourage passengers to purchase a Cargo Seat. This guarantees up to 200 pounds to travel, with no restriction on number of pieces. This can be booked by calling our office.
Dangerous Goods
Some Dangerous Goods are acceptable for shipment within the Wilderness Seaplanes network under the Limited Access Provision. There are times when a certain product will need investigation and we may take some time to determine. Please contact us for products that are not on the accepted list below. In addition to this list there are many items that are considered consumer products and are not Dangerous Goods. If you are not sure, please call or email us.

Some Dangerous Goods we are able to carry:
  • Bearspray & Bear bangers
  • Internal Combustion engines (chainsaws, outboard motors, etc)
  • Guns & Ammunition
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Dry Ice
  • Aerosols, Flammable and non-flammable
  • Paint or Paint related Material in PG II or PG III
  • Any Flammable Liquids in PG II
  • Any Flammable Liquids or Toxic substances in PG III
  • Any Solid Dangerous Goods
  • Butane, Butylene, Isobutylene
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gases, Propylene, Isobutane, Propane
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Isopropanol, Kerosene, Fuel Aviation Turbine Engine (PG II & PG III only)
  • Petroleum distillates (PG II & III only)
  • Sodium Chlorite
  • Batteries, wet, non-spillable, Batteries, wet, filled with alkali
  • Hypochlorite Solution
  • Engines, Internal Combustion (Flammable Liquid Powered)
  • Engines, Internal Combustion (Flammable Gas Powered)
  • Cartridges for weapons, inert projectile or for small arms
  • Cartridges for weapons, blank or for small arms, blank
  • Cases, cartridge, empty, with printer
  • Cartridges, power device
  • Cartridges, signal
Some Dangerous Goods we are not able to carry:
  • Pressurized dive tanks
  • Pressurized gas welding tanks
Please check with our cargo department for further details regarding dangerous goods by phone 250-949-6260
Important Information
  • Wilderness Seaplanes reserves the right to open package at any time to verify the contents.
  • Shippers/couriers are required to be aware of, and disclose, the contents of the package(s) and the destination to which the item(s) are being shipped.
  • Wilderness Seaplanes reserves the right to deny the carriage of any piece of freight.
  • Items must be packaged appropriately. Wilderness Seaplanes is not responsible for damage to any items that are not packaged appropriately.
  • All cargo is shipped on a standby, space available basis unless booked with a Cargo Seat.
  • All cargo is shipped on a standby, space available basis unless booked with a Cargo Seat.
  • Cargo drop-off cut-off times are 60 minutes prior to flight time.
Cargo Rates
3% fee will be added for all credit card payments
Fuel surcharge may be added if Fuel prices exceed $2.90/L
 From Port Hardy   Minimum  price per lb   Cargo seat Rate   Taxes 
Zone 1 47.95 1.50 304.24 Included
Zone 2 58.28 1.85 382.73 Included
Zone 3 63.00 2.00 435.86 Included
ZEL 63.00 2.75 434.65 Included
Zone 5 86.63 2.75 598.87 Included
From Bella Bella
YKT 63.00 2.00 441.89 Included
Zone 5 63.00 2.00 441.89 Included